Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Of Resolutions...

No,I am not making any resolutions this year.In fact ,there is no point in making them when I never could stick to them.But this blog is about resolutions ;so,here you go......I have a list of resolutions for my dear husband if he decides to make any for the coming year(see,I am always making things easier for him!!)

The List....

1.To literally lift his eyes from the computer or newspaper and look at me before saying"You look fine" whenever I ask for his opinion after getting dressed for some ocassion.

2.To restrain himself from telling the truth when I ask him "Am I looking fat in this outfit?"(I know the truth and don't want to hear it from him)

3.To actually go out and get some food when I say "I am too tired to cook but I will manage!"instead of asking me"Are you sure,Honey?"

4.To be able to do simple things on his giving the kids a shower(not call me to ask if they need shampoo or what are they going to wear).

5.To thank me for the little things(which are really BIG)like reminding him his siblings' birthdays and his mom's favorite colour(does he even remember my mom's name?)which keep life and relationships moving.

For this year,I don't want to burden him with too many resolutions.If he manages to stick to even one or two of them,life will be much better for,my resolution for 2011 is to make My Man stick to at least a couple of the resolutions written above.:)

Happy New Year to all!!!

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