Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chalk and Cheese

This is the story of two sisters.They are the only daughters of a loving couple whose only aim in life is to raise them to be two independent,loving and caring individuals with all the right values and principles in life.

Well,coming back to the sisters,one followed the other into this world after seven long years.The younger one was the elder's prized possession right from her birth.......while the maternal grandmother kept on insisting the little 7yr old to pray for a brother the night mother was in the hospital,the little girl kept on praying for a baby sister to play with...and BINGO....God answered her prayers!The younger sister was a winner right from the beginning....she suffered a terrible stomach infection for the first three months of her life and emerged stronger.Everything was extraordinary about her...she walked and talked well ahead of her peers,was able to do many things which kids her age never even tried to.Most remarkable was her desire and fondness for academics,her love for routine and schedule,her craze to know more!!

As the two sisters kept growinng under the care and warmth of their parents and grandmother,more prominent became the innumerable ways in which the two were different.The older one who in fact took upon herself to be the second mom to her little sister,was in fact the one who needed more guidance and supervision most of the times.The older one(We will call her "P") was always wasting away her time throughout the year to study only for a fortnight before the exams .The other(Let's call her "N" )always had her syllabus ready and stopped studying since a fortnight away from the exams.P had all her stuff all around the house and was forever losing things while N had everything in their designated places.P never blinked before spending and N took at least a week to decide if she really wanted to spend those ten bucks.(Of course,now things have changed that she is earning her own...point is P never thought any money not to be her own:))P acted and talked first and then thought;N thought and weighed the pros and cons..seldom talked.N does things according to her "to do"list and P never can stick to any routine in her life.

Even on the social front,the sisters are poles apart.P talks,makes friends and is comfortable in any gathering while N has her own special friends and rarely allows anyone into her life(so much so that often P feels like a stranger in her sister's life).P always wears her heart on her sleeve which is often the bone of contention between the two sisters.

Well,besides the above differences,Nature and Society have also done their bit in making the differences between the two girls more prominent.While P was often praised and admired for her "fair" complexion and beauty,N was never spared to be reminded that she was the "darker" one.(Little did she know that many a times P cursed herself for being fairer than her baby sister).Of course,it's different now...after she has climbed the ladder of success to the top,many people are finding her "Fair enough" though!!While N grabbed the first position in all the exams of her life,society kept on reminding her that she has to work harder for not being the son everyone wanted(who cared for what the parents wanted?) N,who very much has a mind of her own always felt left out when people called the parents as "P's parents"(I don't blame the people...after all,P is the first-born).Hence,she found out a way to have it her way....with her brilliant academic success,the parents started to be known as N's parents:).When it comes to hard work,determination,and will power,N has all of the three in excess while to P these three words are foreign.

So,by now,don't you agree that the two sisters P and N are as different as chalk and cheese?(now please don't start judging who is the chalk and who is the cheese).But wait,that's not the end of the story.....With all their differences,they are very much one....they love the same parents,they adore the same mom's food (different dishes,though),they want to make the same parents happy and they both want the same sibling they have in their next birth too(at least P wants it for sure,)....Who says Chalk and Cheese don't love each other??
Yes,Chalk loves the Cheese and wishes the Cheese many happy returns of the day for her upcoming birthday on 31st December,2010.Love you sis....

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