Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Loves

What am I loving these days?Your love for people and things keep changing,don't they?At least the degree?I mean,I never loved sweets but now with age,I often crave for a sweet dish after dinner.My love for my husband keeps changing everyday.....when he praises me in front of his mom,I feel I haven't given all the love that he deserves but then the next day when he sits glued to the TV,I wonder how did I fell in love with this man in the first place.

Coming back to what am I loving these days......

I love the "Me Time" I get to spend with the newspaper,the Facebook and my cup of tea in the morning after seeing the kids off to school till its time to make the breakfast.

I love the "Cuddle Time" I get with my little one just before the naptime ....I know they won't last long as they didn't with my older one.I have to beg him literally these days for a hug .....Boys...huh!!

I love the long FB chats with my sister-in-law whom I havent met yet.It seems we have always known each other....these chats have their way to ur hearts,I say!!

I love to be part of an awesome food group,try out new recipes,post them ,get appreciation from the group friends as well as from the family....although I doubt how long this new passion of mine will last..:(

For now,I am happy with these simple loves of my life...will let you know when they change and I move forward with new-found ones!!

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  1. I guess I am not invading your "Me Time"; you are fortunate enough to have a wonderful family by your side and your art to find love in small small things do wonders to you and your family, God Bless you, all...