Friday, December 14, 2012

What makes me happy

I am usually not a sulking's easy to please me .Simple things make me happy...of course,if my man takes me out to a candle-light dinner and surprises me with a solitaire,it won't make me unhappy .Don't get me wrong but I get perturbed by very petty things too.....I am a woman,after all.
This blog is about a few things which made me happy in the recent times.So,lets get going....
It made me happy when a couple wanted me to be a part of their journey towards and into their parenthood...more so because they are not a part of my family in a conventional way .So,when I got a call from them at 1a.m. in the night ,I just hurried to be with them to welcome their baby into the world...the feeling that someone wants to share their very intimate anxiety,happiness with you is just too good a feeling to have.
When your husband's sister calls you up after giving birth to her second baby,and asks you to name her newborn,you feel happy and trusted.I did!!
Last month was a milestone in my life.We completed 15 yrs of our marriage.As I was giving last minute instructions to the maid about how to take care of the kids while we two would be out having a romantic meal together,the husband suddenly appears with the two kids and they ask in sync,"Where are we going for dinner?" I was thinking only about romance....little did I realize it was all about Love.......:)..So,a few moments later we were in the kids' favourite restaurant(no,it was not Mc.Donald',.Thank God!) celebrating our very romantic anniversary.But,did it make me happy???Surprisingly,Yes!!I was happy ........Touchwood!!