Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank You !

Do we have any occasion similar to "Thanksgiving" in India?I am really curious....I find this event so very meaningful.We are taught from our childhood never to forget out "Thank you" and "Please".Most of us are very particular about them too....we thank the waiter in the restaurant,the doctor in the hospital,the postman ,the banker and many such people in our daily lives.But,to be frank,how many of us say(not only feel)the words "Thank you"to the people who matter most in our lives?

Let me think......on how many occasions have I failed to say a "Thank You".........

*When my parents showed trust in me and let me go around Delhi with my the then boyfriend (of course,with my kid sister as the "tag-along")while they stayed back at the hotel....anyone in love will surely understand how priceless it is!!

*When my mother-in-law asked me(a new bride,married for just 7days) to wear salwar kameez or a pair of jeans for my comfort instead of sari,in a house full of relatives while I was going away with my husband to his work place.

*When my father-in-law,while visiting us, helped me in chopping the vegetables when I was juggling a career,a new baby and cooking ,with the maid playing "hide and seek".

*When my younger sister-in -law did my pedicure to relieve me of my stress even though she was the cause of my stress in many occasions:).

*When my brother-in-law convinced my mother-in-law that my parents'home was the ideal place for me to prepare for my B.ed exams.

There are many people whom we have just forgotten or ignored to thank for the things they have done for us or for their kind words.My list is endless.........On this Thanksgiving,let me make a resolution....I will not fail to say those two magic words even for the simplest of actions or words.

Thank You everyone for reading this post!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Tumi ki keboli chhobi......?" --Tagore...("Are you a mere photograph....?"---Tagore)

Can we love and feel someone as our own even if we have never met the person?I am not talking of the feelings some teenagers and many grown-ups too have for their ideals(be it a film star or a sportsman).I mean someone whom you have seen only in a photograph and realise late in life that how this person has been a part of your life (in fact,the whole family's)witnessing everything from that frame on the wall?

We(my sister and me) call him "Dadu".No,he never called us back because he was long gone before we came into this world.My dadu(paternal grandfather)had left for his heavenly abode in his early forties leaving behind his widow and 3 kids,the oldest of whom(my dad) was only 12 then.So,unfortunately,the family had him with them for a very short period of time.

Surprisingly ,we felt his presence in all walks of our lives in more than one way.Since I was a child ,I remember praying for his blessings before starting anything important be it school exams or any other competition.On every festive occassion,be it "Bijoya Dashami" or "Poila Boisakh",we used to bow down in front of his photo and seek his blessings before touching the feet of "Thakuma"(maternal grandmother) and other elders.Not only did we go to Dadu(I mean,his photograph) before the commencement of anything ,but also never forgot to share with him the results(just a "pranam" was the means of communication ).He was the first one to get a "Tika" on every Holi and the first to get a "Diya" lit near his photo every Diwali in our house.

We never got to see any other snaps of "Dadu" except the one framed on the wall nor any belongings of him other than a cigarette case.Maybe,the struggles that my grandma had to face in bringing up the three kids single-handedly in those days didnt leave my grandma with the energy to save some of his belongings as keepsake for the future generation.So, the photograph was the only thing we knew adout "Dadu".

He was there in my prayers when I was getting ready as a bride on my wedding day,when I was in labour and heading towards the hospital for the birth of my first born,when I was going for my first job interview and on every important event in my life.I have never seen you but I know you;I have never touched you but can feel you;I have never hugged you but I love you,Dadu!!And I know you love us and keep us blessing from that wall even today!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

13 years of Habit

In a few days ,we will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary.Thirteen years of sheer bliss.....of course,not! We are normal human beings.We had our own share of "small tiffs",big arguments","ego hassles"."emotional highs and lows" and all those problems that any normal couple goes through.But then,didn't we have the blessings of being together?.......there are too many of them,touchwood!

Life with you has not always been "rosy" but who wants a rose?I am blessed to have someone who argues and fights at the top of his voice;and then forgets everything within 10 mins and wants to take me out to a fancy dinner(while I am stil sulking).I respect you for not thinking that taking care of the in-laws is a woman's duty parents could never have had a better son-in-law.I don't remember you bringing flowers (once or twice ,yes!) but I find you to be the most romantic when in a room full of gorgeous women,you assuringly whisper to me that I am looking the best inspite of having a "bad hair day".I am proud to have an early riser like you to share my life with.How else could I have slept in everday while you get the son ready for school and make tea for me(even though you are not a "tea person")...You make my mornings sunny and fresh everyday!

I know you must be planning for some real fancy gift for me on this anniversary(at least I think thats what you are browsing through online these days.....fingers crossed!).For you,dear husband,this blog is my gift to you.I am grateful to you for encouraging me to pursue my dreams and passions,thankful for all the little and simple ways you make me feel special.And yes,I have to admit this too.....You are special to me!Happy Anniversary Deep!!!