Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank You !

Do we have any occasion similar to "Thanksgiving" in India?I am really curious....I find this event so very meaningful.We are taught from our childhood never to forget out "Thank you" and "Please".Most of us are very particular about them too....we thank the waiter in the restaurant,the doctor in the hospital,the postman ,the banker and many such people in our daily lives.But,to be frank,how many of us say(not only feel)the words "Thank you"to the people who matter most in our lives?

Let me think......on how many occasions have I failed to say a "Thank You".........

*When my parents showed trust in me and let me go around Delhi with my the then boyfriend (of course,with my kid sister as the "tag-along")while they stayed back at the hotel....anyone in love will surely understand how priceless it is!!

*When my mother-in-law asked me(a new bride,married for just 7days) to wear salwar kameez or a pair of jeans for my comfort instead of sari,in a house full of relatives while I was going away with my husband to his work place.

*When my father-in-law,while visiting us, helped me in chopping the vegetables when I was juggling a career,a new baby and cooking ,with the maid playing "hide and seek".

*When my younger sister-in -law did my pedicure to relieve me of my stress even though she was the cause of my stress in many occasions:).

*When my brother-in-law convinced my mother-in-law that my parents'home was the ideal place for me to prepare for my B.ed exams.

There are many people whom we have just forgotten or ignored to thank for the things they have done for us or for their kind words.My list is endless.........On this Thanksgiving,let me make a resolution....I will not fail to say those two magic words even for the simplest of actions or words.

Thank You everyone for reading this post!!


  1. this was awesome...rings a bell in my mind too...THANK YOU for posting dis..reminds me of the essence of saying thank you :) :)
    Isha :)

  2. This is superb.... Keep writing... And a big THANKYOU to you too...for always being there for me...