Wednesday, November 17, 2010

13 years of Habit

In a few days ,we will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary.Thirteen years of sheer bliss.....of course,not! We are normal human beings.We had our own share of "small tiffs",big arguments","ego hassles"."emotional highs and lows" and all those problems that any normal couple goes through.But then,didn't we have the blessings of being together?.......there are too many of them,touchwood!

Life with you has not always been "rosy" but who wants a rose?I am blessed to have someone who argues and fights at the top of his voice;and then forgets everything within 10 mins and wants to take me out to a fancy dinner(while I am stil sulking).I respect you for not thinking that taking care of the in-laws is a woman's duty parents could never have had a better son-in-law.I don't remember you bringing flowers (once or twice ,yes!) but I find you to be the most romantic when in a room full of gorgeous women,you assuringly whisper to me that I am looking the best inspite of having a "bad hair day".I am proud to have an early riser like you to share my life with.How else could I have slept in everday while you get the son ready for school and make tea for me(even though you are not a "tea person")...You make my mornings sunny and fresh everyday!

I know you must be planning for some real fancy gift for me on this anniversary(at least I think thats what you are browsing through online these days.....fingers crossed!).For you,dear husband,this blog is my gift to you.I am grateful to you for encouraging me to pursue my dreams and passions,thankful for all the little and simple ways you make me feel special.And yes,I have to admit this too.....You are special to me!Happy Anniversary Deep!!!


  1. A

    A true love letter from an honest and sincere
    better - half to her loving husband.
    We are proud of you and our son-in-law.
    Wish you Happy Anniversary.
    Ma & Baba

    Yes you are aperfect daughter also.

  2. Wish you everlasting happiness with your loving husband and our two grandies.

  3. Thank You Maa Baba...thanks for being proud of my choice!!

  4. Happy Anniversary to my soul sister in advance!We wish Neverending, Everlasting and Blissful married life and for ever!