Monday, February 21, 2011

For my Maa..

With age,we grow mature,independent,wise(not in all cases,though),free and experienced.We make new friends,relations,acquaintances and go through many incidents....both pleasant and not-so-pleasant.We are on our own,free to do all that we want, now that we are no longer in our parents'nests.But amidst all these freedom and independence,there are some words which I miss every now and then.....the words which were once not so musical to my ears are yearned very often now.

Check them out .....they may sound familiar to you too....

1.Wake up and get studying!!Exams are knocking at the door!!
2.Tidy up your table before noon today!
3.Finish off the fruits....they will give glow to your skin,moreover they don't come free!
4.Why don't you do something creative?I hate to see you wasting your talents!
5.Be focussed in life.It will do you good.
6.You need to be smarter in choosing your friends.....
7.All your cousins are toppers in their class ...why don't you ever aim to move ahead of being the 2nd ranker?
8.When will you be organized?I wonder how you will stay married and raise a family....
9.Be careful of what you choose in life...especially ,your life partner.
10.God knows how you'll be surviving on your own!!

Maa,I miss all these and many more but your grandchildren don't........I am constantly uttering these sentences to them as you had to me once:).I try to be a mother like you every moment of my life.I love you are the BEST!!

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  1. ma'am, another gem from you :)....Nos.1,4,5,7 & 10 are indeed familiar to me as my mom used to say this 24*7 when i was a young boy... nowadays, she has added this :"tui jhokhon choto chili, bhalo chili... ekhon boro hoye ekta gadha hoyechish!".. wish i remain as a 'gadha' for her, always!... but once again, thanks ma'am for this wonderful piece of writing :)